Meshell Ndegeocello, Adam Blackstone, Max Roach Birthday Celebration feat. Kojo Melché Roney & More!

Get ready to experience an unforgettable night of jazz music as the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City presents a special performance featuring Meshell Ndegeocello, Adam Blackstone, Max Roach, and Kojo Melche Roney. This exclusive event is a celebration of the legendary Max Roach’s birthday and promises to be an evening filled with soulful melodies and electrifying performances.

You can hear live music by Chris Botti on The Improv Cafe, the Worlds First and ONLY all live radio station where every song played are the live versions.

Meshell Ndegeocello, known for her unique blend of jazz, funk, and soul, is a Grammy-nominated artist with a career spanning over three decades. Her powerful vocals and masterful bass playing have earned her critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. Ndegeocello’s ability to seamlessly fuse different genres creates a captivating musical experience that is both innovative and timeless.

Adam Blackstone, an accomplished bassist and musical director, has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, and Maroon 5. His impeccable musicianship and dynamic stage presence make him a sought-after collaborator in the music world. Blackstone’s contributions to the jazz scene have helped redefine the genre and bring it to new audiences.

The Max Roach Birthday Celebration is a tribute to the late jazz drummer and composer who is considered one of the most influential figures in the history of jazz. Roach’s innovative approach to rhythm and his commitment to social justice through music have left an indelible mark on the genre. This special performance will honor Roach’s legacy and showcase the enduring impact of his contributions to jazz.

Kojo Melche Roney, a talented trumpeter and composer, will join Ndegeocello, Blackstone, and the band to create a truly unforgettable musical experience. Roney’s virtuosic playing and his ability to push the boundaries of jazz have earned him critical acclaim and a reputation as one of the most exciting young musicians in the industry. His presence on stage will add an extra layer of excitement and energy to the performance.

The Blue Note Jazz Club, located in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village, is renowned for its intimate setting and world-class performances. With its rich history and commitment to showcasing the best in jazz music, the Blue Note has become a must-visit destination for jazz enthusiasts from around the world. The club’s cozy atmosphere and impeccable sound quality create the perfect environment to experience the magic of live jazz.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to witness the incredible talents of Meshell Ndegeocello, Adam Blackstone, Max Roach Birthday Celebration feat. Kojo Melche Roney at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City. Whether you’re a lifelong jazz fan or new to the genre, this performance promises to be a night to remember. 

For more information and ticket bookings, visit the official Blue Note Jazz Club website.

Live at The Blue Note, on The Improv Cafe’ Radio Station is every Wednesday Night beginning at 9PM EST for FIVE (5) Continuous Hours of Classic Live Jazz Music Recorded at The Blue Note Club!

Adam Blackstone Presents: A Legacy Christmas

December 6
8:00 PM & 10:30 PM

Get your tickets now and prepare to be transported by the mesmerizing sounds of these exceptional musicians.


The Thrilling Experience of Live Jazz Music at the Blue Note and Village Vanguard

There is something magical about live jazz music. The energy, spontaneity, and improvisation create an atmosphere that is impossible to replicate in a studio recording. Two iconic venues that have become synonymous with live jazz performances are the Blue Note and the Village Vanguard. In this blog post, we will explore the unique experiences offered by these legendary jazz clubs and the big bands that grace their stages.

Live At The Village Vanguard : NPR

The Blue Note, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, New York City, has been a mecca for jazz lovers since its opening in 1981. With its intimate setting and impeccable acoustics, the Blue Note provides the perfect backdrop for experiencing live jazz music at its finest.

Throughout its history, the Blue Note has hosted some of the biggest names in jazz, including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Herbie Hancock. Today, the tradition continues with a diverse lineup of both established and up-and-coming artists.

One of the highlights of the Blue Note’s calendar is the annual Blue Note Jazz Festival, which brings together an impressive array of talent from across the jazz spectrum. From traditional bebop to contemporary fusion, there is something for every jazz enthusiast to enjoy.

Just a short walk from the Blue Note lies the Village Vanguard, another iconic jazz club that has been a fixture in the New York jazz scene since 1935. Known for its basement setting and intimate atmosphere, the Village Vanguard has a rich history that is deeply intertwined with the evolution of jazz.

Legendary musicians such as Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk, and Sonny Rollins have graced the stage of the Village Vanguard, leaving an indelible mark on the club’s legacy. Today, the Vanguard continues to attract top-tier talent, making it a must-visit destination for jazz aficionados.

What sets the Village Vanguard apart is its commitment to preserving the authenticity of the jazz experience. The club’s no-frills approach puts the focus squarely on the music, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the performances.

Both the Blue Note and the Village Vanguard are renowned for their dedication to showcasing live big bands. These ensembles, often consisting of a full rhythm section and a horn section, bring a dynamic and powerful sound to the stage.

At the Blue Note, you can expect to witness the energy and precision of big bands that effortlessly blend traditional jazz with modern influences. The sheer force of multiple musicians playing in harmony is a sight to behold and an experience that will leave you mesmerized.

The Village Vanguard, on the other hand, takes a more intimate approach to big band performances. With its smaller stage, the club allows for a closer interaction between the musicians and the audience, creating a sense of connection that is unique to the Vanguard.

If you are a jazz enthusiast or simply someone looking for a memorable night out, a visit to the Blue Note or the Village Vanguard is an absolute must. These legendary jazz clubs offer an unparalleled experience of live jazz music, with their rich history, intimate settings, and world-class performers.

Whether you prefer the grandeur of a big band or the intimacy of a small ensemble, the Blue Note and the Village Vanguard have something to offer every jazz lover. So, grab a seat, sit back, and let the captivating sounds of live jazz transport you to a world of musical brilliance.


Singing With Swing: Exploring the World of Live Vocal Jazz Radio Shows

Improv Cafe Radio Station is a unique and remarkable platform that brings the joy of live jazz music to listeners all around the world. As the world’s first and only all Live Jazz Radio Station with an All Live Jazz Format, it offers a one-of-a-kind experience for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike. What sets it apart is its commitment to playing only live versions of jazz, vocal jazz, and big band songs.

For those who appreciate the energy and spontaneity of live performances, Singing With Swing is a radio show that should not be missed. Hosted by a team of jazz-loving singers, it showcases the best of vocal jazz in a live setting. From scatting to improvisation, the show captures the essence of this timeless genre.

One of the highlights of Singing With Swing is the incredible talent that graces its stage. Each singer brings their unique style and interpretation to the music, creating a diverse and captivating experience for the audience. From sultry ballads to upbeat swing numbers, the show covers a wide range of jazz subgenres, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Listeners can expect to hear familiar classics performed in fresh and exciting ways, as well as lesser-known gems that deserve more recognition. The singers’ passion for jazz shines through their performances, making each song a memorable and enjoyable experience.

What makes Singing With Swing even more special is the interactive nature of the show. Listeners have the opportunity to engage with the hosts and singers through live chat and requests. This creates a sense of community and connection, as jazz enthusiasts from all over the world come together to celebrate their shared love for this incredible art form.

Improv Cafe Radio Station’s commitment to live jazz music is truly commendable. By featuring only live versions of songs, they capture the essence of the genre in a way that recorded music simply cannot replicate. The raw energy, spontaneity, and improvisation that are integral to jazz are brought to life through their broadcasts.

Whether you are a seasoned jazz aficionado or new to the genre, Singing With Swing offers a delightful and immersive experience. Tune in to the show and let the enchanting melodies and captivating performances transport you to the golden era of jazz.

In conclusion, Singing With Swing on Improv Cafe Radio Station is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the magic of live vocal jazz. With its talented singers, diverse repertoire, and interactive format, the show offers a unique and unforgettable experience. So, sit back, relax, and let the soothing sounds of live jazz transport you to a world of musical bliss.

Blue Note

Live at the Blue Note

Live at the Blue Note on The Improv Cafe’s All Live Jazz Radio Station. The Improv Cafe’s All Live Jazz Radio Station is proud to present “Live at the Blue Note” every week on Wednesday nights from 9 PM to 2 AM. This exciting program brings the electrifying atmosphere of the Blue Note Jazz Club right into the comfort of your own home.

If you’re a jazz enthusiast or simply appreciate the smooth sounds of live music, “Live at the Blue Note” is a must-listen for you. Each week, our talented team of DJs curates a lineup of the finest jazz artists, both established legends and up-and-coming talents, who take the stage at the iconic Blue Note Jazz Club in New York City.

From the moment you tune in, you’ll be transported to the heart of the jazz scene, feeling the energy and passion that only a live performance can deliver. The Improv Cafe’s All Live Jazz Radio Station is dedicated to capturing the essence of the Blue Note experience, ensuring that you never miss out on the magic of a live jazz performance.

Whether you’re a fan of classic jazz, smooth jazz, fusion, or any other jazz subgenre, “Live at the Blue Note” has something for everyone. Our DJs carefully select a diverse range of artists and styles to cater to all musical tastes. You’ll have the opportunity to discover new favorites and enjoy the timeless classics that have made jazz such a beloved genre.

One of the unique aspects of “Live at the Blue Note” is the intimate and immersive nature of the performances. The Blue Note Jazz Club is renowned for its cozy setting, allowing the audience to connect with the musicians on a deeper level. Our radio station strives to recreate this intimate experience, bringing you as close as possible to the live performances.

Not only does “Live at the Blue Note” showcase incredible live music, but it also provides a platform for emerging jazz artists to gain recognition. The Blue Note has a long history of nurturing and supporting new talent, and our radio station continues that tradition by featuring rising stars alongside established jazz icons.

To tune in to “Live at the Blue Note,” simply visit The Improv Cafe’s All Live Jazz Radio Station website on Wednesday nights between 9 PM and 2 AM. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily navigate through the schedule and select the show you want to listen to. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the go, you can enjoy the best live jazz right at your fingertips.

So mark your calendars and get ready to experience the magic of “Live at the Blue Note” on The Improv Cafe’s All Live Jazz Radio Station. Immerse yourself in the world of live jazz, discover new artists, and let the smooth sounds transport you to the iconic Blue Note Jazz Club. Wednesday nights will never be the same again.

Coming Up This Week at the Blue Note Club in New York City:

Tatiana Eva-Marie with The Avalon Jazz Band Presents Djangology

WBGO Presents Brunch Tatiana Eva-Marie with The Avalon Jazz Band Presents Djangology

Blue Note Jazz Club

Tatiana Eva-Marie, the talented jazz vocalist, along with The Avalon Jazz Band, is proud to present their latest album, “Djangology.” This album pays tribute to the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, who is known for his innovative and influential style.

“Djangology” features a collection of timeless jazz standards, all performed with the unique flair and energy that Tatiana and the band are known for. From the swinging rhythms of “Minor Swing” to the soulful melodies of “Nuages,” each track showcases the incredible musicianship and passion of the ensemble.

The album also includes some lesser-known gems from Django Reinhardt’s repertoire, such as “Manoir de mes rêves” and “Vendredi 13.” These songs highlight the band’s dedication to preserving and reviving the rich history of jazz music.

Tatiana Eva-Marie’s velvety voice effortlessly glides over the melodies, bringing a fresh and modern interpretation to these classic tunes. Her vocal range and dynamic phrasing add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the album, making it a must-listen for jazz enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

The Avalon Jazz Band, known for their authentic and vibrant performances, provides the perfect backdrop for Tatiana’s vocals. Their tight-knit rhythm section and intricate solos create a captivating musical experience that transports listeners back to the golden age of jazz.

With “Djangology,” Tatiana Eva-Marie and The Avalon Jazz Band have created a truly exceptional album that celebrates the legacy of Django Reinhardt while showcasing their own unique musical talents. Whether you’re a longtime fan of jazz or new to the genre, this album is sure to captivate and inspire.

Adam Blackstone Presents: A Legacy Christmas Adam Blackstone Presents: A Legacy Christmas

Blue Note Jazz Club

Christmas is a time for joy, love, and togetherness. It’s a time when families come together to celebrate and create lasting memories. For the Blackstone family, Christmas holds an even deeper meaning.

Adam Blackstone, a renowned musician and producer, has made a name for himself in the music industry. From working with some of the biggest names in the business to creating unforgettable performances, Adam has left an indelible mark on the world of music. But it is during the holiday season that his legacy truly shines.

Every year, Adam hosts a special Christmas concert that has become a tradition for his family and fans alike. The concert is a celebration of the holiday spirit, filled with music, laughter, and the joy of giving. Adam’s passion for music and his love for Christmas are evident in every note he plays.

But the concert is not just about the music. It is also about giving back to the community. Each year, Adam partners with local charities to raise funds and awareness for important causes. From supporting children’s hospitals to providing food and shelter for the less fortunate, Adam’s Christmas concert is a beacon of hope and compassion.

Adam’s commitment to spreading joy and making a difference is what makes his Christmas concert so special. It is a reminder that the holiday season is not just about receiving, but about giving back and helping those in need.

So, if you’re looking for a truly memorable Christmas experience, look no further than Adam Blackstone’s annual concert. Join him and his family as they celebrate the season with music, love, and a legacy that will last for generations to come.

Nick HakimNick Hakim

Blue Note Jazz Club

Nick Hakim is a musician who possesses a unique quality – he has no filter. This is evident not only in his music but also in the way he carries himself and engages in casual conversations. Hakim’s creative energy flows effortlessly from him, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who experiences it.

When you listen to Hakim’s music, you can immediately sense the rawness and authenticity that he brings to his craft. His songs are a reflection of his innermost thoughts and emotions, and he doesn’t hold back from expressing them. Whether it’s through his soulful vocals, intricate guitar melodies, or hypnotic beats, Hakim’s music is a true testament to his uninhibited creativity.

But it’s not just in his music that Hakim’s creative energy shines through. In person, he exudes a certain magnetism that draws people in. He is known for his laid-back demeanor and his ability to engage in meaningful conversations with ease. Hakim’s unfiltered approach to life allows him to connect deeply with others, making each interaction feel genuine and heartfelt.

It’s this combination of musical talent and genuine authenticity that sets Hakim apart from other artists. He is unafraid to explore new sounds, experiment with different genres, and push the boundaries of his art. Hakim’s creative energy is infectious, leaving a lasting impact on anyone who has the pleasure of experiencing it.

In a world where filters and facades are all too common, Nick Hakim stands out as a refreshing reminder of the power of unfiltered creativity. Through his music and his presence, he inspires others to embrace their own creative energy and to express themselves authentically. Nick Hakim is a true artist, unapologetically pouring his creative energy into everything he does.

Cautious ClayCautious Clay

Blue Note Jazz Club

Cautious Clay is an artist known for his unique sound, which is characterized by a deep emotional intuition. His music blends elements of R&B, indie pop, and alternative, resulting in a captivating and soulful experience for listeners.

What sets Cautious Clay apart is his ability to tap into raw emotions and translate them into music. Each song he creates is a reflection of his own experiences and the depth of his feelings. This emotional authenticity resonates with his audience, creating a powerful connection between artist and listener.

Clay’s sound is a perfect blend of vulnerability and strength. His lyrics delve into themes of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, offering a relatable and introspective journey for his listeners. Whether he’s crooning about the complexities of relationships or exploring the depths of his own emotions, Cautious Clay’s music strikes a chord with those who are seeking a deeper connection through music.

With his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics, Cautious Clay has garnered a dedicated following. His music has been praised for its ability to evoke a range of emotions, from introspection to empowerment. Each song is a testament to his talent as a songwriter and his ability to create a sonic landscape that resonates with listeners.

In a world where music often feels formulaic and manufactured, Cautious Clay stands out as an artist who embraces vulnerability and emotional depth. His sound is a refreshing departure from the norm, offering a genuine and intimate experience for those who are willing to listen.



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‘Jan Jan’ by the Greyboy Allstars from Hot Brass Paris France on April 2, 1995

On April 2, 1995, the Greyboy Allstars performed their iconic track “Jan Jan” live at Hot Brass in Paris, France. This performance marked a significant moment in the band’s career and showcased their unique fusion of jazz, funk, and soul.

The Greyboy Allstars, formed in 1994, are a renowned American jazz-funk band known for their energetic live performances and infectious grooves. Comprised of talented musicians, including Karl Denson on saxophone, Robert Walter on keyboards, Elgin Park on guitar, Chris Stillwell on bass, and Zak Najor on drums, the band quickly gained a loyal following for their dynamic sound.

“Jan Jan” is one of the Greyboy Allstars’ most beloved compositions and has become a fan favorite over the years. The track features a catchy melody, tight horn arrangements, and a driving rhythm section that keeps audiences moving. It perfectly encapsulates the band’s ability to blend traditional jazz elements with modern funk sensibilities.

When the Greyboy Allstars took the stage at Hot Brass in Paris, the crowd was already buzzing with anticipation. The venue, known for its vibrant music scene and intimate atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for the band’s electrifying performance.

As the opening notes of “Jan Jan” filled the room, the audience erupted in applause. The band wasted no time in diving into the infectious groove, captivating everyone in attendance. Karl Denson’s soulful saxophone solos soared above the tight rhythm section, while Robert Walter’s keyboard wizardry added layers of depth to the sound.

The energy in the room was palpable as the Greyboy Allstars effortlessly navigated the complex composition. Each band member showcased their exceptional musicianship, seamlessly weaving together their individual talents to create a cohesive and mesmerizing performance.

The crowd responded enthusiastically, dancing and cheering throughout the entire set. The band’s infectious energy was contagious, and it was clear that they were feeding off the audience’s excitement.

After an exhilarating rendition of “Jan Jan,” the Greyboy Allstars continued to deliver an unforgettable show, showcasing their diverse repertoire of original compositions and reimagined classics. The band’s seamless blend of jazz, funk, and soul kept the crowd engaged and entertained until the final note.

The performance at Hot Brass in Paris on April 2, 1995, solidified the Greyboy Allstars’ reputation as one of the most exciting live acts of their time. Their ability to captivate audiences with their unique sound and infectious energy set them apart from their contemporaries.

Since that memorable night in Paris, the Greyboy Allstars have continued to tour and release critically acclaimed albums, further establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of jazz-funk. Their music continues to inspire and delight fans around the globe.

So, if you ever have the chance to experience the Greyboy Allstars live, be prepared for a night of incredible music and unforgettable moments. And if you’re lucky enough to hear them perform “Jan Jan,” you’ll understand why it has become such a beloved track in their repertoire.


The Timeless Appeal of Live Big Band Jazz Recordings

Live Big Band Jazz Recordings and The Timeless Appeal of Live Big Band Jazz Recordings on CD

There’s something magical about the energy and spontaneity of a live jazz performance. The vibrant interaction between the musicians, the improvisation, and the sheer joy of the music coming alive in the moment – it’s an experience that cannot be replicated in a studio setting. That’s why live big band jazz recordings on CD continue to captivate music lovers of all generations.

When it comes to big band jazz, there’s no shortage of legendary performances that have been captured on CD. From the swinging sounds of Duke Ellington and Count Basie to the innovative arrangements of Thad Jones and Maria Schneider, these recordings offer a glimpse into the rich history of this iconic genre.

The Authenticity of Live Recordings. Live recordings have a unique authenticity that studio albums often lack. They showcase the raw talent and improvisational skills of the musicians, as well as the palpable energy of the audience. Each performance is a snapshot of a specific moment in time, allowing listeners to experience the music as it was meant to be heard.

Listening to a live big band jazz recording on CD is like being transported to the front row of a concert hall or a smoky jazz club. You can almost feel the excitement in the air and the collective groove of the musicians as they interact and feed off each other’s energy.

The Joy of Discovering Hidden Gems. One of the joys of exploring live big band jazz recordings on CD is the opportunity to discover hidden gems and lesser-known performances. While studio albums often feature carefully curated tracks, live recordings offer a wider range of material, including unique arrangements, extended solos, and spontaneous moments of musical brilliance.

Whether it’s stumbling upon a rare recording of a jazz legend or discovering a local big band’s electrifying performance, these hidden gems provide a deeper appreciation for the artistry and creativity of the musicians involved.

Preserving Jazz History. Live big band jazz recordings on CD also play a crucial role in preserving jazz history. Many of these performances capture iconic moments in the evolution of the genre, showcasing the groundbreaking innovations and influential musicians who shaped jazz as we know it today.

By listening to these recordings, we can gain a deeper understanding of the historical context in which the music was created. We can trace the lineage of different styles and appreciate the contributions of the musicians who paved the way for future generations.

Enhancing the Listening Experience. Thanks to advancements in audio technology, live big band jazz recordings on CD offer an enhanced listening experience. High-quality recordings capture the full range of instruments and the nuances of the performances, allowing us to appreciate the intricate arrangements and the skill of each individual musician.

Moreover, the convenience of CDs allows us to enjoy these live recordings in the comfort of our own homes or on the go. We can immerse ourselves in the music, close our eyes, and let the sounds transport us to another time and place.

Live big band jazz recordings on CD provide a window into the world of jazz, capturing the essence of the genre in its purest form. From the energy and spontaneity of the performances to the historical significance of the recordings, these CDs offer a treasure trove of musical delights for jazz enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

So, whether you’re a seasoned jazz aficionado or someone looking to explore the genre, dive into the world of live big band jazz recordings on CD and experience the magic for yourself.


Live at the Blue Note Radio Show: A Celebration of Classic Live Jazz Music From the World Famous Club, and Released on Albums!

Live at the Blue Note Radio Show, where we bring you the best of classic live music from the world-famous Blue Note Club and albums. If you’re a fan of jazz, soul, or any genre that thrives in the intimate and electrifying atmosphere of a live performance, then this is the show for you.

The Blue Note Club: A Legendary Venue. The Blue Note Club, located in New York City’s Greenwich Village, has been a mecca for music lovers since its inception in 1981. With its intimate setting and impeccable sound quality, the Blue Note has hosted some of the most iconic musicians in history. Legends like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Ella Fitzgerald have graced its stage, leaving audiences in awe of their talent and passion.

Our radio show aims to capture the essence of those unforgettable performances and share them with a wider audience. We believe that live music has a unique power to transport listeners and evoke emotions that studio recordings simply cannot replicate. By featuring recordings from the Blue Note Club, we hope to bring that magic into the homes and hearts of our listeners.

A Diverse Range of Genres and Artists are played every week!

While the Blue Note Club is renowned for its jazz performances, our radio show goes beyond the boundaries of a single genre. We believe that great live music comes in many forms, and our playlist reflects that diversity. From soulful blues to energetic rock, from Latin rhythms to experimental fusion, we curate a wide range of performances that showcase the incredible talent and creativity of artists from around the world.

Each episode of Live at the Blue Note Radio Show features a carefully selected mix of classic live recordings. We delve into the archives to uncover hidden gems and revisit iconic performances that have stood the test of time. Whether you’re a seasoned music aficionado or a casual listener, we guarantee that you’ll discover something new and exciting with every episode.

Join Us for a Musical Journey every Wednesday from 9PM EST and until 2AM EST.

Five (5) straight hours of Live Music rfrom the Blue Note!

Tune in to Live at the Blue Note Radio Show and embark on a musical journey unlike any other. Our dedicated team of music enthusiasts and experts work tirelessly to curate a show that captures the spirit and energy of live performances. We believe that music is a universal language that has the power to unite people and transcend boundaries.

Through our radio show, we aim to create a community of music lovers who appreciate the artistry and passion that goes into a live performance. We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the magic of the Blue Note Club from the comfort of your own home.

So sit back, relax, and let the music transport you. Live at the Blue Note Radio Show is here to provide you with a front-row seat to some of the greatest live performances in history. Get ready to be captivated, inspired, and moved by the power of live music.


‘So Long Eric’ by Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy from the Cornell 1964 CD

Charles Mingus Sextet With Eric Dolphy: Cornell 1964 Album Review |  PitchforkWhen it comes to jazz music, few names are as revered and influential as Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy. These two legendary musicians made significant contributions to the genre, pushing boundaries and creating innovative sounds that continue to captivate audiences to this day. One particular performance that stands out is their rendition of “So Long Eric” by the Charles Mingus Sextet at Cornell in 1964. Let’s take a closer look at this iconic collaboration and the lasting impact it has had on the world of jazz.

The Charles Mingus Sextet

The Charles Mingus Sextet, led by the incomparable bassist and composer Charles Mingus, was known for its dynamic and adventurous approach to jazz. Mingus, a prolific musician, was known for his ability to blend various styles and genres, creating a unique and powerful sound. His compositions often tackled social and political issues, making his music both intellectually stimulating and emotionally charged.

Joined by an ensemble of talented musicians, including the virtuosic saxophonist Eric Dolphy, the Charles Mingus Sextet was a force to be reckoned with. The ensemble’s performances were characterized by their improvisational prowess, intricate arrangements, and collective energy.

The Genius of Eric Dolphy

Eric Dolphy, a multi-instrumentalist known for his mastery of the alto saxophone, bass clarinet, and flute, brought his distinctive sound and innovative approach to the Charles Mingus Sextet. Dolphy’s playing style was characterized by his use of extended techniques, unconventional harmonies, and a fearless approach to improvisation.

His collaboration with Charles Mingus allowed Dolphy to fully express his musical vision, resulting in performances that pushed the boundaries of jazz. Dolphy’s contributions to “So Long Eric” at Cornell in 1964 showcased his technical prowess and his ability to create captivating and emotionally charged solos.

“So Long Eric” at Cornell 1964

The performance of “So Long Eric” by the Charles Mingus Sextet at Cornell in 1964 is widely regarded as one of the highlights of their collaboration. The song, written as a farewell to Eric Dolphy, is a heartfelt tribute to the talented saxophonist and serves as a testament to their musical camaraderie.

During this performance, Mingus and Dolphy’s synergy is palpable. The band’s tight-knit rhythm section provides a solid foundation for Dolphy’s soaring saxophone solos, while Mingus’s bass lines weave in and out, adding depth and complexity to the composition. The result is a mesmerizing and emotionally charged rendition of “So Long Eric” that showcases the immense talent of both musicians.

The collaboration between Charles Mingus and Eric Dolphy left an indelible mark on the world of jazz. Their willingness to experiment and push the boundaries of the genre paved the way for future generations of musicians. Their music continues to inspire and influence artists to this day, serving as a reminder of the power of innovation and artistic expression.

Through their performances, Mingus and Dolphy demonstrated that jazz is not merely a genre of music but a platform for self-expression and social commentary. Their ability to seamlessly blend different styles and genres created a unique sound that transcended traditional jazz conventions.

The performance of “So Long Eric” by the Charles Mingus Sextet with Eric Dolphy at Cornell in 1964 remains a testament to the genius and innovation of these two jazz legends. Their collaboration pushed the boundaries of the genre and left an indelible mark on the world of jazz music. Their music continues to captivate audiences and inspire musicians, serving as a reminder of the power of artistic expression and the timeless nature of jazz.


Live at The Village Vanguard

Live at The Village Vanguard is an experience unlike any other for those who love music. If you’re a jazz aficionado, this establishment should be on the top of your list of must-visit places to see while in New York City’s Greenwich Village. The club is legendary, with a long history of unforgettable performances. Thanks to the venue’s intimate setting, you can immerse yourself in the music and witness some of the world’s most talented jazz musicians up close. Once you enter the club, you’ll be swiftly drawn in by the live sounds of the band, and your toe-tapping to the rhythm won’t be long behind. The show is an atmosphere that is perfect for jazz enthusiasts as well for anyone looking for a fun night out. It is an opportunity that cannot be missed, especially if you’re a lifelong jazz enthusiast or new to the genre.

We take immense pride in playing exclusively live versions of every song that is aired on our station. Here, you will experience jazz music like never before, with the most authentic and organic sound possible. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled listening experience to our audience, by showcasing the raw talent of jazz musicians through their live performances. By tuning into our station, you will be transported to a world of melodious tunes, spellbinding rhythms, and above all, live magic. Jazz lovers, get ready to immerse yourselves in the mesmerizing sounds of live jazz music!

Tonight, music enthusiasts are in for a treat as there will be a five-hour broadcast of live recordings from various legendary artists at The Village Vanguard. The event is set to start at 8 PM. This presents an opportunity for fans to listen to some of their favorite musicians’ performances in one place. The Village Vanguard is a historic jazz club located in Greenwich Village, New York City, known for hosting some of the most iconic performances in the music industry. It has hosted world-renowned musicians such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Bill Evans, among others. Therefore, this event promises to offer an unmatched experience and take music aficionados on a musical journey from the comfort of their homes.



The Improv Cafe’ has been added to Streamitter

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the Improv Cafe’ has been added to Streamitter, the premier online directory for live audio and video streams. With its engaging and informative content, the Improv Cafe’ is sure to be a valuable addition to our platform. This cutting-edge service provides an interactive experience that is both educational and entertaining, offering viewers a chance to learn new skills and improv their lives in meaningful ways. The Improv Cafe’ is committed to enhancing the user experience, and its innovative format is designed to keep viewers engaged and inspired. Make sure to tune in and sample the rich array of programming on offer, as the Improv Cafe’ delivers high-quality content that is sure to captivate audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

The Improv Cafe is the world’s first and only all live jazz radio station. That means that every song played is a live version, performed by talented artists who bring their own unique flair to the music. With the Improv Cafe, you can enjoy jazz music in a way that you’ve never before experienced. You’ll hear all the raw energy and spontaneity that comes with a live performance, along with the smooth sounds and melodies that make jazz so captivating.

The Improv Cafe is the perfect station for individuals who appreciate live music, especially jazz. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to listen to talented musicians showcase their abilities and create something magical. With the Improv Cafe, you won’t just be listening to music, you’ll be immersed in the world of jazz.

Click here to listen at Streamitter!