Renowned as San Francisco’s Favorite Crooner, Russ Lorenson has unveiled a mesmerizing live jazz-cabaret experience, marking his debut under the independent label LML Music.

The celebration of his album’s release took center stage in December at The Triad Theatre in New York, featuring an illustrious lineup of vocalists including Billy Stritch, Mary Foster Conklin, Lennie Watts, Jennifer Roberts, and #1 Billboard artist Spencer Day. Notably, all proceeds from the event were dedicated to supporting the American Songbook Association.

Lorenson, a fervent advocate for The Great American Songbook, has enchanted audiences worldwide with his velvety tenor and magnetic presence. With three critically acclaimed albums under his belt, including two beloved Christmas collections that continue to grace airwaves nearly two decades post-release, Lorenson has earned accolades for his musical prowess. His second holiday album, “In The Holiday Spirit,” was lauded with 4 stars by Downbeat and featured in their prestigious “Best Albums of 2015” list.

In a poignant twist, 2021 brought a life-altering diagnosis of HPV-positive tonsil cancer for Lorenson. Undeterred by this formidable health challenge, he emerged triumphant through early detection and treatment, now in remission. While cancer may have temporarily muted his singing voice, it has not dimmed his creative spirit. With renewed vigor and a renewed sense of purpose, Lorenson has channeled his energies into an array of projects, including the reintroduction of his back catalog, a forthcoming children’s book inspired by his beloved holiday track “Jingles, The Christmas Cat,” and his long-awaited album “Standard Time: Live in New York,” his first release in 8 years.

“Standard Time: Live in New York” offers a captivating glimpse into Lorenson’s live performances at the iconic Metropolitan Room in New York, recorded in 2008. The album serves as a tribute to Lorenson’s belief that The Great American Songbook continues to evolve, featuring a program of “modern classics” that bridge the gap between past and present.

In this musical odyssey, Lorenson expertly interprets a diverse selection of compositions, from a soul-stirring rendition of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” to heartfelt performances like “How I Will Say I Love You,” “Diamond In The Sky,” and the wistfully nostalgic “It’s Raining Memories.” Each track showcases Lorenson’s versatility, passion, and deep-rooted connection to jazz’s rich legacy.

Reflecting on his album, Lorenson remarks, “This album is a journey through time, celebrating the enduring magic of The Great American Songbook. I’ve always believed in the timeless allure of well-crafted songs with meaningful lyrics, and listening back now, 15 years later, I’m proud to say our vision remains true.”

Looking ahead, Lorenson has an array of future plans, including a series of children’s books set to kick off with a Christmas release in 2024. These endeavors epitomize Lorenson’s commitment to leaving a lasting, positive legacy through his music and artistic endeavors.

“Standard Time: Live in New York” serves as a poignant reminder of the timeless appeal of classic songwriting and performances. Lorenson invites audiences to join him on this soulful musical voyage, reigniting their love for The Great American Songbook’s enduring charm while embracing the promise of tunes that resonate with contemporary audiences.

Experience the timeless allure of “Standard Time: Live in New York” by listening here in Regular Rotation and his songs are played on the Singin’ With Swing Radio Show! Russ’ web site is here.


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